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Activation Code

Get your Activation code for your Geocoin.

You only need the Trackingnummer, which is engraved on your Geocoin.
Sometimes the Tracking number is on the Geocoin's edge.

Travelbugs have thier Activation code within the packaging

Put in your E-Mail address and the Tracking number of your Geocoin in the set form of the bottom of the page.
Activation code will be shown and send to your E-Mail.

Once you have received the Activation Code, you can activate your Geocoin at

You did not receive an E-Mail?

Sometimes you can find it in your SPAM folder. In case you cannot find it, please send us an E-Mail. We will take care.


Each Activation code can only be retrieved one time in order to avoid abuse. In case you don not want to activate your Geocoin immediately, please keep the Activation code filed.

In case of any problems, please send us an E-mail info[at] with Trackingnummer of your Geocoin. We will take care and contact you.