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Activation Geocoins & Travelbugs

How do I activate a Travel-Bug / Geocoin?

1. Get your activation code

Firstly I have to get the Activation code.
Travelbugs have the code inside the packaging. For Geocoins from Geocoinshop I go to Activation code, put in the Trackingnummer (which is on the Geocoin) and will receive the Activation code immediately.

2. Activation of the Geocoin

Once I have received the Activation code I go to
Here I have to put in the Tracking number (you find the tracking number on the Travel-Bug / Geocoin ) and the Activation code. Then confirm activation.
After that I have the option to rename my trackable, to make a description and to define a mission.
Latest I can name my home land and state.

3. Geocoin / Travelbug® on tour

READY, now the icon is listed in my geocaching profile and I can start TB/Geocoin travelling.

Have fun! Your Team